About Us

About us


Entity management is a vital piece of my company's puzzle. Our business could not run as smoothly without TRIAD's top-notch services and Company Tracker. TRIAD always seems to be one step ahead of the game and willing to go above and beyond the scope of their services to ensure that our needs and interests as a client are always met."

Legal Services Administrator
— New York

I work for an established New York-based private equity investment firm. When we were contemplating changing service companies, our top priority was hiring a company based on the service they provided. Our goal was to find and hire a service company that would provide expert industry knowledge and efficient service to us and our legal teams. TRIAD not only met our expectations as a service company but also exceeded them."

Senior Legal Administrator
— New York

Our company specializes in real estate investment and 1031 Exchange programs, so we have hundreds of entities associated with the business and are constantly forming new ones. It is important to me to have a service provider I can rely on for the services throughout the country. I couldn't be more pleased with the dependable and very personal service I receive from TRIAD. They are flexible in working with the issues in our company whether it is corporate related or accounting related. TRIAD gets the job done for me and I would recommend them to anyone."

Manager Investor Relations
— Phoenix

TRIAD obviously impressed us. Their reps are very accessible and don't clock out at 5:00. We used another service company for years until we realized the savings TRIAD could provide us each year. Since changing over to them, I have realized the cost savings is only a small benefit. My time is precious, and TRIAD's online tools make my job easier. They are more than able to handle numerous corporate filings and projects simultaneously. I trust them. They set the standard for me."

Corporate Paralegal
— Atlanta

The best thing about TRIAD from my point of view is the level of service. We're in a time-sensitive industry and we need people who are knowledgeable on a variety of corporate and real estate matters and can perform work for the firm in all jurisdictions. My associates and paralegals send orders to TRIAD with the confidence they will be done quickly and correctly. I also use them for UCC services and various merger and acquisition transactions for some of our largest clients. The Digital Web Room they developed for large transactions has made a huge difference in the cost and time involved in closing these deals."

— New York

Setting the Standard for Corporate Legal Services

TRIAD is a professional service company offering fully-customized, comprehensive corporate legal support.

We provide a range of specialized services to ensure you fulfill your responsibilities and maintain corporate compliance, enabling you to meet your business objectives.

TRIAD Professional Services is now a part of Wolters Kluwer's NRAI/CT.

TRIAD delivers…

Time-Efficient Strategies — Our online capabilities, coupled with our experienced and accessible team, are intended to give you quick and easy access to crucial information — when it's convenient to you.
Expert Guidance — The strength of our staff lies in our ability to identify the most effective ways to ensure that your corporate legal transactions are handled thoroughly and efficiently.
Peace of Mind — The pace is fast and the stakes are high. We are serious about implementing all transactions professionally and expediently so you can get back to the business of managing your business.

Our Focus

TRIAD serves middle market companies, limiting our approach to sectors where we have true expertise. Forming enduring relationships with companies where we can make a difference and add exceptional value is our ultimate goal.

Why Choose Us

Commitment to Customer Service — The level of customer care you receive when you enlist our support is what gives TRIAD a leading edge in the industry. In the face of critical deadlines and competing priorities, our staff delivers a range of services with unwavering professionalism and dedication.

Proficiency and Expediency — TRIAD's experienced team of legal and business professionals provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide you through every facet of your corporate and legal obligations. We understand the pressure of high stress environments and provide time-efficient solutions to your pressing issues.

Customized Approach — We aim to provide a tailored scope of services necessary for you to maintain and engage your business or firm in the most beneficial and time-efficient manner. TRIAD is not in the business of selling you every service we offer, but is committed to providing you with everything your business may require.

Commitment to Excellence

Steadfast performance is the foundation for our long-term client relationships. TRIAD's dedicated commitment to delivering exceptional, tailored, and responsive service aims to make your job easier.

Who Benefits

The Partner in a law firm who doesn't have time to log in and place an order online… Call or e-mail and we'll handle it.

The Paralegal who's required to assume the workload of four staffers… Delegate to us and earn your just rewards.

The Associate ready to access TRIAD's valuable resources on-the go… Place on-line orders anytime, day or night.

The Entrepreneur who knows there's more to starting a company than submitting a certificate to the SOS… Stay focused on the big idea while we navigate the minutiae.

The General Counsel who is tired of being billed for inactive companies…Enjoy peace of mind while we manage your corporate entities.

The Loan Specialist who understands the hazards of the financial landscape…Learn best practices for risk management.