Business Licenses piling up? Need an audit of your licenses and permits?

Is obtaining, preparing, and filing your Business Licenses while managing your normal daily responsibilities more than you care to handle?

Then let TRIAD help…

By utilizing TRIAD's skilled experts, you can free yourself to focus on your business priorities, rather than keeping track of business license compliance.

Every business needs one or more federal, state, and / or local licenses or permits to operate. Licenses can range from a basic operating license to very specific permits.

Whether you're starting, maintaining or expanding a business, operating from your home or running an online business, you likely need some type of permit or license. End the uncertainty of not knowing. With Triad Business Licensing Services (TBLS), you'll know exactly which licenses, permits, and tax registrations are required and where and when you need to file.

Regulations vary by industry, state and locality, so it's very important to understand the licensing rules where your business is located. Not complying with licensing and permitting regulations can lead to expensive fines and can put your business at serious risk.

We can assist you with the following business license and permit services:

    • License Research Package

      Our experienced staff of licensing experts will research your business and send you a customized package of all the applications needed for your type and place of business.

      License Research Package provides:

      • An overview of the licenses, permits, and tax registrations required for your business.
      • Licensing authority contact information, including name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
      • Detailed information on how much money to send with each application and where to send it.
      • The actual license, permit, and tax registration applications and associated documents.
    • Comprehensive Filing Services

      We determine your licensing requirements, prepare and fill out all the necessary forms, submit the applications to the various licensing authorities on your behalf, and ensure that you receive all the necessary licenses, permits, and tax registrations.

      Comprehensive Filing Services include:

      • Research to determine your licensing requirements.
      • Preparation of forms and completion of all paperwork, including attachments, necessary to prepare the applications.
      • Cutting the checks for the governmental licensing fees.
      • Submitting the applications to the licensing authorities on your behalf.
      • Procurement of license certificates.
      • Electronic imaging of filings, license certificates, checks, and proofs-of-mailings.
    • License Assessment

      We perform a full research audit of your current portfolio, verify the status of existing licenses, as well as identifying any gaps you may have. Additionally, we will let you know if you have an excess of licenses. A License Research Package is compiled to outline any discrepancies.

    • License Verification

      Our professionals ensure all current business licenses are active and in good standing after you provide the list of current licenses. They will confirm all license renewal dates and frequency and produce a report reflecting the various jurisdictional license information.

    • Custom Research

      This is a Business License research offer for advanced questions that go beyond standard license research needs. (E.g. Which states require a licensed architect to be an officer?)

    • TRIAD Business Licensing Services (TBLS)

      TRIAD manages your portfolio of business licenses on an ongoing basis; we process all renewals and obtain new licenses. We stay on top of due dates, gather pertinent corporate information, prepare the applications, cut the checks, submit the filings, and distribute the license certificates.

      TRIAD stays current with constantly changing requirements, so you don't have to. Taking advantage of this service ensures that you are fully compliant, and helps you save on manpower and time, while avoiding costly penalties for failure to file.