Corporate Services

Our website is designed to make ordering and filing documents quick, simple and convenient. Whether you prefer email, ordering online or personal telephone service, TRIAD's nationwide network of expert service teams is ready to meet your needs.

Emailed Results — All orders, whether placed online, over the phone or by email will be emailed to you promptly with no email fees.

Online Access — All orders are accessible by you online. Paying fees for copies of filing evidence later on is another unnecessary expense that can be eliminated.

Digital Web Room — Results of all orders placed with TRIAD can be made available on a secure deal room (Digital Web Room) where all parties involved in a transaction can conveniently retrieve and access information. Digital Web Room is a complimentary service offered to you by TRIAD.

Company Tracker — Designed to provide for the total management of corporate records, this web-based tool enables you to maintain a central repository of corporate records with instant online access. With fields that can be customized by the client and interactive tools to track critical dates, Company Tracker is vital for maintaining corporate entity compliance.

TRIAD's corporate transaction services include:

Corporate Document Filing
  • Incorporation / Organization / Formation
  • Qualification / Registration
  • Amendment / Restatement / Correction
  • Merger / Conversion
  • Dissolution / Cancellation / Withdrawal
  • Reinstatement / Renewal / Restoration
  • Annual Report / Franchise Tax / Tax Clearance
  • Application for Federal Employer Identification (EIN)
  • Assumed Name / Trade Name / Fictitious Name (dba)
  • Publication / Recordation
  • Name Reservation
  • Preclearance
Corporate Document Retrieval
  • Certificates of Status / Good Standing / Existence
  • Copies of Incorporation / Formation Documents / Qualifications
  • Tax Status Certificates / Clearances