Know Your Lien Position

In today's fast-paced world, time pressure can lead to costly oversights when it comes to protecting your lien position. At TRIAD, we can help you increase the efficiency and integrity of your risk management practices with innovative services and customized solutions.

Periodic Searches

Monitor Your Lien Position

Are your borrowers obtaining additional sources of credit - using the same collateral you took? The answer lies in TRIAD's Customized Periodic Searches that can be auto-generated for your specific time period.

Quickly manage varying levels of recurring lien searches for any size portfolio. Federal tax and other liens found are brought to your attention so you can take action to protect yourself. Results are transmitted to you via an e-mailed spreadsheet together with images of search results that can be viewed directly from the spreadsheet, at the click of a button, without logging in. Better still, managing this process has never been easier for you; we could save you up to weeks of work, each month with automatic debtor search requests for our Periodic Search Subscribers.

Multi-jurisdictional searches

Select multiple jurisdictions for a particular search name. Our technology automatically displays the applicable search products based on the jurisdictions and availability of the search product selected.

Special Report Services

Get the right information in the right format, at the right time. TRIAD provides On-Demand Report Services that provide custom views of important data — whether you need it one time or on an ongoing basis. These On-Demand Reports give clear, unique views of customized data for business development or information. Just tell us what you need and we'll send you an electronic spreadsheet showing only the specific data you want to see. It's that simple. Or we will customize our online Report Services so you can access essential information you need when you need it.

To learn why more and more leading law firms, banks, and financial institutions are turning to TRIAD for loan portfolio management and lien protection, call us at 1-877-805-6723 or contact us.