Bridging the Gap

At TRIAD, we work closely with our clients to bridge the gap between in-house and outside counsel, giving legal departments the support they need to be more efficient and productive. Companies that utilize multiple firms as outside counsel are often left with a gap between the day-to-day operations of the company and the legal services provided. TRIAD can fill the gap by performing some of the functions that often get overlooked, including: creating a database to keep track of entity information and documents, tracking annual report due dates, checking the status of all entities, and keeping the company organized. Our goal is to streamline your corporate organization and minimize your costs.

Entity Management Solutions (Company Tracker)

Many of TRIAD's clients typically worked with a host of law firms to set up a multitude of companies and were therefore unable to keep track of their ever-evolving corporate activity. TRIAD recognized an opportunity and therefore created Company Tracker to provide a valuable resource for monitoring and maintaining entity information.

Designed to provide for the total management of corporate records, this web-based tool enables the client to maintain a central repository of corporate records with instant online access. With fields that can be customized by the client and interactive tools to track critical dates, Company Tracker is vital to corporate entity compliance.