Proven Expertise

With over 45 years of combined paralegal experience, TRIAD service representatives have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the services you need to close your deals.

Currently, TRIAD represents top firms ranked by the National Law Journal. Increasingly, these firms are realizing the benefits of switching to TRIAD as an alternative to traditional higher-priced companies that have a slower response time. Serving top-ranked merger and acquisition law firms has enabled us to specialize in this multi-faceted area. With the level of complexity in most transactions intensifying, TRIAD's team has developed solutions tailored to meet our clients' ever increasing demands. The greatest challenge in such transactions is to ensure that all parties involved have access to relevant documents quickly, accurately, and confidentially. Thus, the Digital Web Room was born.

Digital Web Room

TRIAD's Digital Web Room is a customized document room, accessed via an Internet site, where clients and all related parties can view and print documents and searches related to a specific transaction. Each transaction has its own unique website, so confidentiality is assured through the use of a unique user ID and password.

How it Works

TRIAD uploads results of a client's orders to the Web Room for instant access. All parties involved in a transaction can view and print good standing certificates, certified copies, lien searches, or other transactional documents. The Digital Web Room enables the involved parties to streamline the time involved in exchanging documents and thus to minimize costs.

Digital Web Room is a complimentary service offered to you by TRIAD.