Specialty Representation

Specialty representation applies to registered agent services required by contract or private agreement or specific federal or state statute. TRIAD can handle any specialty representation needs you may have. For assistance in any of these or other areas, please contact our customer service representatives at 1-877-805-6723 or select the Request Process Agent Services button below.

Request Process Agent Services

IMPORTANT: To better serve you, you must notify a TRIAD representative when designating National Registered Agents, Inc. or CT Corporation System as your process agent. Failure to do so could adversely affect the prompt delivery of important legal documents. Please contact a Client Service Representative at 1- 877-805-6723 or complete the online Representation Questionnaire.

Representation by Contract or Private Agreement

An agent for service of process appointment is also known as a contract agency appointment or process agent appointment. This type of representation is required by a private agreement between two or more parties. Commonly, agreements will designate a governing law jurisdiction and require that one or more parties to the agreement appoint an agent for service of process in that jurisdiction for the duration of the agreement.

An agent for service of process is typically required for these types of agreements:

  • Commitment Letter
  • Covenant Agreement
  • Credit Agreement
  • Deposit Agreement
  • Engagement Letter
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Guaranty
  • ISDA Master Agreement
  • Indenture
  • Loan Agreement
  • Note Purchase Agreement
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Security Agreement
  • Underwriting Agreement

Contract agency differs from statutory representation services or appointing a registered agent in that it is not representation required by a federal or state statute.

Federal or State Statutes

Certain Federal and State statutes require the designation of a registered agent. TRIAD provides registered agent services under the statutes of hundreds of federal, state, local, and foreign jurisdictions. We prepare and file all necessary paperwork, lower your compliance costs and keep you in good standing.

  • Federal Motor Carrier Act

    Federal Motor Carrier Act

    Reduce your FMCA requirement from 49 service of process agents to one. The Federal Motor Carrier Act requires motor carriers to appoint a service of process agent in all 48 contiguous states, plus the District of Columbia.1 TRIAD can reduce that number to one. By providing you with a BOC-3 blanket process agent, you will be represented in all required jurisdictions.


    We prepare and file all necessary paperwork with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for your FMCA process agent requirements, consolidate your compliance operations, and reduce your FMCA compliance costs — while you get back to business.


    We will help you stay on top of all FMCA process agent requirements and notify you when changes occur, taking the worry and effort out of maintaining your company's good standing status.


    Our experts have registered agent experience going back over 100 years and are thoroughly familiar with the complex requirements. We also offer unparalleled expertise ensuring that any lawsuit received on your behalf is promptly delivered to the right person and quick action is taken.

    1 Mexican carriers, brokers, freight forwarders or carriers located in Alaska or Hawaii are not required to designate an agent in every state. These companies are permitted to register in only a limited number of states, if desired.

  • Additional Federal Statutes

    Additional Federal Statutes

    TRIAD provides special agency services for the following federal statutes:

    • Air Pollution Controls
    • Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005
    • Broker-Dealer Registration
    • Change in Bank Control Act of 1978
    • Commodity Exchange Act
    • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act
    • Custom Duties - Acting as additional agent
    • Department of Energy Organization Act
    • Digital Millennium Copyright Act
    • Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
    • Environmental Protection Agency Liability Requirements - Foreign Corporations 40 C.F.R.
    • Export Enhancement Program
    • Federal Aviation Administration Requirements
    • Federal Communications Act
    • Federal Deposit Insurance Act
    • Federal Motor Carrier Act
    • Foreign Banking Organizations - Regulation K
    • Home Owners' Loan Act of 1933
    • Investment Advisers Act of 1940
    • Investment Company Act of 1940
    • National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966
    • Oil Pollution Act of 1990
    • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Amendments of 1978
    • Private Acts of Congress
    • Qualified Board of Exchange Re Future Contracts
    • Radiation Control for Health And Safety Act
    • Rail Common Carrier
    • Registration of Depository Shares Under the Securities Act of 1933 — Agent for Service
    • Surety Companies Qualifying with Secretary of Treasury
    • Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
    • Telephone Terminal Equipment Registration
    • Testing and Certifying Hazardous Waste Storage Containers (Acting as Approval or Certification Agency)
    • The Securities Exchange Act of 1934
    • Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act
    • Transportation of Hazardous Materials
    • Trust Indenture Act of 1939
    • Truth in Lending — Regulation Z
    • U.S. Exporter Qualification
    • United States Maritime Administration and Passenger Transportation
    • United States Patent Law
    • United States Trademark Law
    • USA Patriot Act of 2001 (also known as the Anti-terrorism or Anti-Money Laundering Act)
    • Water Quality Improvement Act of 1970